July '23 Meetup

Second Thursday of the Month at Quantum Brewing

  • Date: Thursday July 13th, 2023
  • Time: 6pm - 9pm
  • Location: Quantum Brewing (OpenStreetMap, GoogleMaps)
  • RSVP (select one)
    • Private, self-hosted form (ignore payment request after submission).
    • Legacy meetup link.

Event Details

Demo and Auction of an Ubuntu Node Box.

Come learn about how you can take an old computer and make it the most sovereign Bitcoin machine in the history of Bitcoin machines, maybe ever. After the presentation, I will be auctioning one off (starting bid 300k sats).

Ubuntu Node Box services

  • Bitcoin Core
  • Fulcrum (electrum server)
  • Sparrow Wallet
  • Mempool.space
  • Core Lightning
  • BTCPay Server
    • Point-of-sale, pay button, web store, keypad, invoicing
    • Lightning Address
    • Nostr address verification
  • Ride the Lightning
  • Clearnet access via Cloudflare tunnel
  • Darkweb access via Tor

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