April Updates

By Corey

Hello Sovereign Diegans, I made some announcements at last week's meetup but wanted to reiterate a couple here. Tl;dr

  • The founder of Perennial Pastures ranch will be speaking at the next meetup. We will plan a tour of the ranch, hopefully within a month or two of the meetup.
  • I am building a couple feature-ful nodes and will be auctioning one off. Stay tuned.

Perennial Pastures

Perennial Pastures is a local ranch focused on regenerative farming and providing high quality grass-fed beef to San Diegans. They accept bitcoin and have a similar self-sovereign mindset as many Bitcoiners. You can learn more here. Kevin, the founder, will be speaking at the May meetup and we will also be planning a tour at the ranch for our group. More details to come.

Ubuntu Node Box

Ever heard of the Ministry of Nodes? Ketan has put together several series of videos for setting up and operating self-sovereign Bitcoin tools including the Ubuntu Node Box. This is a self-hosted server with tools for storing, verifying transactions, increasing privacy, running a lightning node, accepting payments in an online store, and more. Check out the series for yourself. I am building a couple nodes that are modified versions of what he presents in the 2022 node box series. I want to auction one off to one lucky Sovereign Diegan. I'll keep you all updated when the auction is launched.

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