Pre-Meetup Announcements

By Corey

Hello everyone, I look forward to seeing you tonight. There's no speaker but I have a few announcements. If you'd like to know ahead of time here they are:

  • I have a General Admission ticket to Bitcoin 2023 May 18-20 in Miami. They are currently going for $700, I'm willing to sell for $500 (~30% off).
  • Speaking of Bitcoin 2023, Bitcoin Magazine is hosting a competition between meetups for a chance to win 100,000,000 sats (one full Bitcoin)! Details below
  • You might remember when Captain Siddh stopped by Ocean Beach during his bike tour in July. Well he's doing a fund raiser that benefits the San Diego Bitcoiners, see below.
  • There will be someone in attendance selling Bitcoin via Azteco vouchers. Let me know if you're interested and I'll put you in touch.
  • Subscribe to this blog via email or rss. I'll be using it more for San Diego specific Bitcoin stuff!

Captain Siddh's Tour Fundraiser

Did you get a chance to sign Captain Siddh's saddle bags? We'll he's auctioning them off and will be donating 21% to a raffle specifically for Bitcoin meetups. He's also selling some SWAG (shirts, hoodies, mugs, etc) via the Bitcoin Clothing Company that we get a 10% discount on (via code SDCA) and that will also feed the aforementioned raffle. Check out their store.

Bitcoin 2023 Conference Games

The games include cornhole, chess, assembling a seedsigner, a pizza eating competition, and a family feud style game. We need 4-12 people to represent SD Bitcoiners. Let me know if you are interested!

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