Trust Update

By Corey San Diego

A few months back I did a deep dive on the value of Trusts in CA.

More recently, I mentioned trusts as an important tool in my Bitcoin Inheritance presentation.

Since then, Ive learned a few more things.

According to one lawfirm notarization isn't required.

Notarization is NOT a legal requirement to create a valid Trust, yet nearly every Trust is notarized. That’s because it provides better proof that the Settlor signed it since the Settlor cannot testify as to his signature when the time comes.

and another confirms you don't need a witness

You do not need witnesses, and the paper does not have to be notarized.

or a computer either.

A handwritten will can be a valid document as long as the paperwork meets California’s requirements for validity,

But if you want to prove validity, the best way to go seems to be with a digital signature and timestamps (more to come on this).

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